Nitro Circus Four Men - One Bike Stunt Goes Wrong, Two Injured

Nitro Circus crash in Glasgow 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Two individuals were admitted to a hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, after being involved in a crash. The two belonged to a three-person group that was supposed to get on a motorcycle that would make a jump from a ramp onto another surface.
The motorcycle was ridden by one member of the Nitro Circus, who apparently had performed such stunts before. The three received clothes and motorcycle helmets prior to getting on the bike, but the video does not provide too much information as to the protection the garments offered in case of a crash. After all, Evel Knievel also wore leathers, but they were nowhere near as good as the current riding gear.

The video shows the bike heading for a ramp, but it seems that its speed is most likely a bit lower than what it would usually take to clear a jump while carrying such a load.

When going up the ramp, the motorcycle appears to lose power because of reasons that will hopefully be indicated by an investigation. The bike's front wheel reaches the platform where it was supposed to land, but the bike doesn't have enough inertia to clear the gap.

With the rear tire still on the edge of the ramp, the bike bucks the last rider, and he promptly falls to the ground. Then, the motorcycle flips backwards, with three riders still on it, and impossible to let go. They fall to the ground on their backs with the bike over them, and the whole crash looks pretty nasty indeed.

One of the guys that arrived at the hospital is said to have sustained facial injuries, while the other injured his hip and legs. The announcer also says that this is one of the worst crashes they have seen during the Nitro Circus events.

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