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Nissan Z Goes Toe to Toe With the Nissan 370Z NISMO

We’ve seen how the Nissan Z does in a straight-line duel against American muscle. But this time, it goes against its brethren.
2023 Nissan Z vs Nissan 370Z NISMO 9 photos
2023 Nissan Z vs Nissan 370Z NISMO2023 Nissan Z vs Nissan 370Z NISMO2023 Nissan Z vs Nissan 370Z NISMO2023 Nissan Z vs Nissan 370Z NISMO2023 Nissan Z vs Nissan 370Z NISMO2023 Nissan Z2023 Nissan ZNissan 370Z NISMO
The NISMO 370Z has 18 more horses than the normal 370Z, totaling 350 HP (355 PS), along with 374 Nm (276 lb-ft) of torque, thanks to its 3.7-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine.

On the other hand, the new Z packs a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 putting out 400 HP (406 PS) and 475 Nm (350 lb-ft). At 3,536 lbs (1,604 kg), it’s also a tiny bit heavier than its older brother, which tips the scale at 3,457 lbs (1,568 kg). Nissan’s newest offering also has a secret weapon against the older 370Z, No Lift Shift. So at least on paper, it shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Both cars had a good launch, and the older brother seemed to have the upper hand for a brief moment, as the Z’s NLS apparently is far from perfect. The car bounced back real quick, though, recovered the lost ground, then went on to cross the finish line first. However, the small gap between the two was reason enough for a second run.

This time, the “young blood” completely thrashed its older sibling, with a much more visible distance between the two right from the get-go.

So far, so good when it comes to going at it from a standstill. But are things any different in a rolling race? Well, not really. The new Z won 3 out of 3 and smoked the NISMO, which is showing its age. The old car simply couldn’t keep up.

That’s not to say the NISMO 370Z is trash – far from it. Apparently, it’s almost as good around the track as the new Z since it had a similar hot lap time. Not to mention the newer car seems to be “all over the place” when it comes to braking at high speeds – something which the 370Z can handle gracefully.

Ultimately, the paper data was right about the Nissan Z, but it seems there’s still room for improvement.


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