Nissan to Offer Entry-Level Navara Pickup With 144 Hp in the UK

For those for whom the asking price of £19,411, for a Nissan Navara pickup, with a 190 hp 2.5-liter diesel, is too much, the Japanese manufacturer is now offering UK buyers an even cheaper version of the car, with a detuned version of the same engine.
2013 Nissan Navara 1 photo
For £17,995, you get a 144 hp power output, and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque, and a claimed efficiency figure of 7.1 l/100km, or 39.8 UK mpg, on the combined cycle. It also makes do with less kit, as well, beginning with stuff like the metallic door handles for the inside, which are now matte black plastic, as is the front grille.

Even the windscreen wipers are ‘old style’, and not the simple blade ones fitted to most other new vehicles. Still, the basics are retained, so you get all-wheel drive, air-con, six airbags, CD player, Bluetooth connectivity and Electronic Stability Control.

If you`re in the market for something like this, we say it’s still better to pay the extra cash and go for the more powerful and better-specced version, because a vehicle with a towing capacity of 2,600 kg and a maximum allowed payload of 1,250 kg, you really need the extra oomph.


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