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Nissan to Give EV Batteries a "Second Life"...

... and no, they are not talking about taking their business into the virtual world. The Japanese manufacturer is looking, together with Sumitomo Corporation into ways to provide used lithium-ion batteries with a new use after they have been replaced from the vehicles. The joint program is called "Reuse, Resell, Refabricate and Recycle," (4R).

"We recognize Nissan's unique responsibility as the first company in the world to commit to delivering affordable zero-emission mobility," Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan COO said in a release.

"Consumers are excited by the promise of all-electric, zero-emission cars, but they also want assurances that lithium-ion batteries can be reused and recycled. In fact, our batteries are not only reusable, they also contribute as a solution to energy storage. We are pleased to have found a business partner in Sumitomo."

Nissan expects the demand for used batteries to reach at least the equivalent of 50,000 electric-cars by 2020 in Japan alone. Currently there is no existing supply of large-capacity reusable batteries.

The 4R program will allow for the batteries to be used at about 70 to 80 percent capacity. They will be resold for various applications and when they get depleted again, they will be disassembled and repackaged.

"As a company that handles initiatives from natural resources and battery materials to building an infrastructure for electric vehicles, we are quite pleased to announce our work with Nissan to create a new market with second-life batteries," Kazuo Ohmori, Sumitomo vice president added.

"In coming years, our social commitment is to contribute to the substantial reduction of carbon dioxide. I believe this new potential venture could help us fulfill our social commitment."


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