Nissan Titan GT-R Jumps From Underdog to Full-Blown Digital Sporty Truck Warrior

Some Nissan fans might argue that in a full-size pickup truck world dominated by the Detroit Three and a certain brand-new Toyota, the company’s Titan line is not only severely underrated but also a true underdog. So, how about making it a feisty GT-R Warrior, even if only virtually?
Nissan Titan GT-R Warrior sporty truck rendering by jlord8 9 photos
Nissan Titan GT-R Warrior sporty truck rendering by jlord8Toyota Tundra TRD Sport Extended Cab Truck rendering by jlord8Ford F-150 Lightning Extended Cab ICE Raptor rendering by jlord8Sport truck renderings by jlord8Sport truck renderings by jlord8Sport truck renderings by jlord8GMC Sierra GT Single/Regular Cab rendering by jlord8Single/Regular Cab pickup renderings by jlord8
This is all courtesy of Jim, the virtual artist better known as jlord8 on social media, who continues to imagine wonderful ways of improving our feisty, street bonanza truck dreams – including by spicing them up, JDM-style. Well, sort of, you already know what we mean, right?

It all started with the pixel master’s apparent love for regular, single, or extended cab full-size pickup trucks – something that normal folk share with him, against the will of original equipment manufacturers, who almost only have eyes for the chunky crew cab-type of vehicles these days. But then he also took things a step (or two) further by making them off-road wizards or high-performance-oriented versions.

And, after his CGI belly got full of Detroit Three representatives – from Chevy Silverado ZL1s to Ram 1500 TRX “Street Fighters” and from GMC Sierra GT Regular Cab sporty trucks to a couple of Ford F-150 (SVT) Lightning Raptor Extended Cabs, it was time to switch the focus on Japanese representatives. The first to morph into the Extended Cab of our JDM-loving dreams was none other than Toyota’s Tundra TRD.

Now, there is a second example of what could be perceived as the direct alternative series to the Detroit Three “sporty truck” series, a Nissan Titan GT-R with the orange styling heart of the Titan Warrior concept truck. Naturally, people were quickly stocked about this “underrated” model ducking it out with an “SVT Lightning, Ram SRT10, and Silverado SS” like a true fighter. And they also want the series continued, so they proposed a “Honda Ridgeline Type R” to be next in line!

Editor's note: Gallery includes prior digital “sporty truck” projects by the same author.


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