Nissan Skyline to Get 2-Liter Turbo in Japan

The brand new Infiniti Q50 is sold as a Nissan in the Japanese domestic market, using the legendary Skyline name. It's basically the same car with a different badge, but there's one major difference: you can only get it with one engine, the V6 hybrid.
Nissan Skyline 350GT 1 photo
Following a partnership with German luxury automaker Daimler, the Q50 now has access to a number of smaller four-cylinder mills, like the 2.2-liter diesel offered in Europe and the 2.0-liter turbo from the C-Class' 250 model. Since all Infiniti Q50 and Nissan Skylines are made at one factory, there's no reason why the Japanese can't enjoy the benefits of downsizing.

At a recent domestic sales conference held in Japan, Nissan vice-president Hirohito Nishikawa said a 2-liter gasoline engine for the Nissan Skyline will be announced in May. While he didn't mention any turbocharging, he did confirm the German origin of the 4-cylinder.

First announced in November 2013, the 2-liter turbo borrowed straight from Mercedes has a unique power rating of 214 PS or 211 bhp. Torque is 320 Nm or 236 lb-ft, which Infiniti say is available from just 1,250 rpm. These numbers are ever-so-slightly different from the ones offered on Mercedes' version.

We also know that it displaces exactly 1.991cc and will be linked to a 7-speed automatic. The only question is if it will be available in all-wheel drive, since most Japanese premium cars and indeed even smaller cars have this feature due to the difficult conditions encountered during winter.



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