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Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Races 600-HP 2JZ-Swapped 350Z, Can't Catch Up in the Bends

Let’s face it. The Nissan R32 GTR is a legend when it comes to street racing, but, on paper, a stock R32 has nothing on a 350Z in a drag race. Things get worse when you put them on the racetrack. The 350Z will have a three-course meal before the R32 catches up on the corners. But something magical happens to the R32 with a couple of tunes. Still, does it stand a chance against a Nissan 350Z with a mighty 600 hp (608 ps) 2JZ?
Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Vs  TJ Hunt 600 HP 2JZ-swapped 350Z 6 photos
TJ Hunt 600 HP 2JZ-swapped 350Z Track DayTJ Hunt 600 HP 2JZ-swapped 350Z Track DayTJ Hunt 600 HP 2JZ-swapped 350Z Track DayTJ Hunt 600 HP 2JZ-swapped 350Z Track DayTJ Hunt 600 HP 2JZ-swapped 350Z Track Day
In a recent YouTube upload, Thomas Hunt, a.k.a TJ Hunt, was challenged by an R32 GT-R racing his Nissan 350Z on a track.

The event lasted two sessions. Hunt raced well but, on a few runs, had close calls with his friends. He also did a nice little lawn-mower stunt, going 200 ft off the tracks into the grass.

One of my weakest things is like 80 to 100 mph, big flick to entry, to slowing down at the right 10-foot patch. That’s my biggest struggle,” he confessed.

In one of the sessions, Hunt did perhaps the best performance of the day. An R32 GT-R tried matching up to his 2JZ-swapped 350Z a couple of times, but got demolished around the corners.

It wasn’t a successful day for Hunt despite racing the R32 and pulling some amazing drifts around the corners. In the fourth run of the second session, his brakes locked up pulling away from a turn, sending him mowing through the grass fields uncontrollably.

I don’t know what happened in the last session. We think maybe we were boiling the brake fluid. I have lost all brake pressure in brakes and my hydro,” he explained.

It wasn't the first time Hunt’s 350Z broke down. In a recent upload, it burst into flames during a burnout competition. It's unfortunate these things keep happening. All in all, that’s the beauty of building a drift car – it’ll never be perfect!

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