Nissan Skyline R-33 GT-R V-Spec Failed to Sell After Unlucky Number of Bids

This 1995 Nissan Skyline R-33 GT-R V-Spec failed to sell after 13 bids were placed, but the reserve was not met, and now the seller will have to think if they will re-post the vehicle or just take the highest bid offered.
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Photo: bkukp750/Bring a Trailer
Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-SpecNissan Skyline GT-R R33 V-Spec
When putting a car up for sale with a reserved price, this means that the seller has to know exactly what's the market average for the vehicle they sell. Usually, though, they tend to overprice them. I know I did the same mistake in the past with some of my cars, and the reality brought me back to planet Earth.

It doesn't matter if you spent one dime or $1,000 on a car. Most of the time, you won't get it back. Of course, if it's a classic car, then you might get even more. But not when you are spending on stickers, on lower-priced tires, or a set of seat covers.

Since the reserve was not met after 13 bids (maybe the fourteen could have been luckier?), the seller, who had put his car up for sale on Bring a Trailer, was put in contact with the highest bidder, so maybe they can sort it out somehow. But, unfortunately, the hard cold truth is that the Skyline was not in mint condition.

This V-Spec is, what I'd call, a rolling project. This means that the car could have been upgraded without being taken out from the road for more than a couple of days. Yet, it was not Concours-ready either; for that, it needs a lot more than days to fix, starting with the paint and the upholstery.

But just a quick reminder about what a 1995 Nissan GT-R V-spec is. It was the ninth generation of its kind, and at the time of its appearance on the market, it broke the Nurburgring lap record for a production vehicle. It was the first to break under the eight-minute barrier, and that made it an instant legend among supercars.

Just remember, folks, in those years, Ferrari had the F355 with 380 hp (100 more than what Nissan advertised for the R33 GT-R). Moreover, Porsche had the last air-cooled 911 Turbo, the 993, with over 400 horses on tap and all-wheel drive. And neither of these exotic supercars of that era were capable of transporting four people and a trunk full of groceries for a few days.

As for this R33 V-Spec, we'll see if it will surface again on the market. We'll look for it.
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