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Nissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power" Looks Like JDM Bonanza

What sets this S13 Nissan Silvia apart from other of its kind? We're glad you ask, so allow us to take you through the main bits of a build that stands out from a mile away.
Nissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power" 7 photos
Nissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power"Nissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power" and owner Nikky JacobsNissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power"Nissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power"Nissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power"Nissan Silvia S13 "Pink Power"
For starters, the age of the S13 (this example was born in 1993) means it can be brought into the US under the 25-year import rule by those who prefer the original JDM flavor to the 240SX version Nissan offered on the North American market.

And Nikky Jacobs, a member of the U.S. Air Force, is among those aficionados, having turned her S13 into nothing short of a customization fest. Having owned over ten Silvias over the years, Nikky got a hold of this vehicle back in the summer of 2019, and she's been modding the sportscar ever since.

The naturally aspirated 2.0-liter factory motor has made room for a turbocharged 2.0L unit (SR20DET>SR20DE), but this list of fresh tech goodies is obviously more generous, with the items ranging from the GReddy LS intercooler to the Works wheels.

The cabin has been adorned with aftermarket bits such as bucket seats and a roll cage, with safety being paramount - check out the sticker on the instrument cluster!

While the streets of America have seen quite a few Silvias of the sort, the pink attire we have here, which works together with a Spirit Rei body kit, easily sets this example apart. It also explains the nickname we chose for the title.

And we haven't even reached the icing on the visual cake, namely all the anime stickers. We've got Black Lady from Sailor Moon and Zero Two peaking out from the quarter window. One bucket seat clearly sports Yoko from Tengen Toppa Garren Lagann, while the other might have the "Little Sailor" version of Yoko... but we're not 100 percent sure.

Oh, and how could we overlook the heart theme, which ranges from the front bumper turn signals and the tips of the custom exhaust to the roll cage gussets? After all, this is what determined us to add the story to our Valentine's Day special.

P.S.: You can check out even more shots of this S13 Silvia via the owner's Instagram account, which can be found below.


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