Nissan Reveals Third Hyper EV Concept for Japan Mobility Show, Also Its Ugliest to Date

Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023 8 photos
Photo: Nissan Motor Co Ltd
Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023Nissan Hyper Tourer EV concept for JMS 2023
We all know that, for years, the minivan sector of the automotive industry has been slowly dying and is kept on life support by various regions such as China, where interior space is sometimes cherished even more than looks or powertrains and technology.
But come on, why do automakers add insult to injury by making all of these recent MPVs so freaking ugly? Look at the Hyundai Staria if you want to see a company trying something differently – but you can't say it's beautiful, right?

Now, think of the recently leaked Volvo EM90 that was showcased by the authorities in fillings right before its November 12 debut in China. It's quite freakish, and unlike any Volvo we have ever seen – as if the Swedish automaker suddenly went mad and embarked on a horror fling with its design department. Of course, it's based on the Zeekr 009, and things could not have been improved too much – but it's still rather horrible to look at.

And now this. Nissan has just revealed its third EV concept from the 'Hyper' series it has prepared for the upcoming Japan Mobility Show that kicks off its inaugural edition on October 25. The third member of the EV prototype pack is called the Nissan Hyper Tourer, and it's clearly the least appealing of the bunch.

Beauty, as always, is only in the eyes of the beholder, so feel free to disagree with me; I don't mind. It's adorable that most Japanese automakers fully support the reinvented Tokyo Motor Show and that Nissan's EV concepts aren't just renderings – they will be on display, physically, at the show. However, I am afraid the Hyper Urban and Hyper Adventure concepts will be eclipsed by the laughs caused by the Hyper Tourer's sight.

Anyway, this is an all-electric minivan; of course, there is no doubt about that as it focuses "on nurturing and reinforcing the bond between people as they journey together," so maybe it's also the equivalent of a nanny. Sorry, I can't help but lash out at the quirky design. I'll stop, I promise (wink, wink).

Nissan promises its new project "combines the essence of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) with various advanced technologies, including autonomous driving." There are also V2X (vehicle-to-everything) features, and the battery has V2L (vehicle-to-load) capabilities, plus kumiko-patterned wheels, just in case you were wondering what's that on the alloys!

More importantly, the ample space inside is enabled by the Nissan EV Technology Vision, which is based on compact components and high-energy density all-solid-state batteries that combine with the vehicle's e-4ORCE all-wheel control system. The traditional Japanese Kumiko patterns are joined inside by koushi patterns, and the floor is actually a flat LED panel showcasing serene stuff like "imagery of a riverbed and the sky, helping create a relaxing space where digital and nature are fused."
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