Nissan Police Car Crashes Into Ferrari 458 in China

ferrari 458 crashed in china 5 photos
Ferrari 458 Crashed in ChinaFerrari 458 Crashed in ChinaFerrari 458 Crashed in ChinaFerrari 458 Crashed in China
It must’ve been a really sad day for one unlucky owner of a Ferrari 458 from China yesterday as a Nissan pickup truck from the local Police Force crashed into his car. It all happened in the Ningbo city of the Zhejiang Province and it seems like the driver of the supercar wasn’t completely innocent either.
According to local reports it seems like the police car was actually chasing down the Italian thoroughbred when the accident happened. The reason for this high-speed chase was the fact that the Ferrari seemingly was driving reckless and was captured on video by helicopters from the same police force.

As you can imagine, the brakes of the supercar worked a lot better than those of the old Nissan pickup truck that was chasing it when the accident happened. Therefore, once the drunk driver of the 458 decided that it was time to stop, there wasn’t a lot of room left for the poor policeman behind him to actually come to a complete stop.

The action happened on a bridge inside the city and it looks like both cars are still salvageable even though chances are the Ferrari owner will likely sell his car and get a new one.

The aftermath? Well, luckily it all happened at night and no traffic jams were created by the accident. However, the driver of the Ferrari was arrested for drunk driving and is now awaiting trial. Too bad about the Ferrari though as it will never be the same, no matter what repair shops will do to it.
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