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Nissan Leaves e-Mo Caught Stretching in the Open, Should Warm Up With a Nice Battery Fire

That old Benz is definitely the most interesting thing in this picture, to us petrolheads anyway, yet a certain first-gen Nissan Leaf dwarfs it. Or should we call it the Nissan Leaves?
Nissan Leaf 6 photos
Nissan LeafNissan LeafNissan LeafNissan LeafNissan Leaf
Anyway, regardless of the name, one thing is certain: it would definitely be more of a showstopper if it would start cutting up its wires, because it does look like an e-Mo, as a Redditor put it, with ‘e’ obviously standing for ‘electric’, and ‘mo’ for mobility.

The electric hatchback has been stretched to the extreme. It has no less than six doors, or seven, if you’re the kind of person who counts the tailgate as a door, and the middle ones appear to be identical to those in front of them. The floor seems to line up with the front and rear sections of the car, for the most part at least, but the roof needs more beating and reinforcing.

A paint job would be good, too, considering that the Japanese EV has two additional colors, on top of the OEM white. Before that, however, the owner should do something to the front bumper, which looks like it’s about to come off. In fact, the whole vehicle looks like it’s about to collapse, so perhaps an electrical fire wouldn’t be that bad. Hope the Benz doesn’t get damaged if that happens.

The abominable Nissan Leaves e-Mo reminds us of a particular Toyota Thrius that we covered a few months ago. That one was stretched to the max too, and just like the electric hatchback, it was made famous by Reddit’s ‘terrible’ car mods thread. If you’re aware of more pictures showing similar cars turned into limos-wannabe, then feel free to post them in the comments section down below. After all, we all need a good laugh after a long day at the (home) office, don’t we?


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