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Nissan Leaf Limousine Explained

You may remember we posted a video of a ride in a Nissan Leaf limo, last month. Now, the people behind it have released a video explaining how and most importantly, why, the Leaf was chosen as a basis for a limousine. The limo was commissioned by a Tennessee hotel which needed a luxury limo that also had to be 100% green, and thus, the Leaf was a natural choice.
Technically speaking, the limo is only longer and heavier than the regular version of the car, meaning it is slower and less maneuverable than the normal Leaf, as well as having a reduced range. However, according to the hotel’s staff, typical journeys rarely exceed the 8 km (5 miles) mark, so range isn’t an issue.

This means that instead of wasting gasoline in a Lincoln Towncar (we still don’t understand the logic behind its name) which wouldn’t even reach optimum temperature after 8 km (5 miles), they are emitting absolutely nothing, as well as having the very interesting EV limo which will attract more people to their hotel - some may even go just to see it!

We hope that this example is followed by other hotels, then chains of hotels, because such vehicles need large fleet purchases to be financially viable for their manufacturer, as well as giving these manufacturers a financial incentive to develop and improve their design over time, in a similar manner to the improvement seen on regular cars.


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