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Nissan Leaf Battery Pack Survives Massive Fire!

While the battery pack of the Nissan Leaf may not be particularly good at maintaining its capacity in really hot climates, it seems to have no problem in withstanding a massive fire which has burned the rest of the car to a crisp.
Nissan Leaf - Burn Victim 3 photos
Burnt Nissan LeafBurnt Nissan Leaf
This particular Leaf was from Colorado, where the unfortunate event happened. Now, looking at the pictures, we can see just how extensive the fire damage is and how badly it damaged the car, which is barely recognizable. However, the main concern here was the battery pack which some people were expecting to catch fire - it didn’t. In fact, it remained surprisingly unscathed.

This, along with the Chevrolet Volt which was involved in a massive crash a while back, and BYD E6 fire from China, where it was ruled that interior trim pieces caught fire, not the battery, lead us to the conclusion that manufacturers have made battery packs very tough (structurally), and rightfully so. At least safety isn’t an issue with green cars - except for the Fisker Karma which seems to spontaneously combust!

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