Nissan GT-R Pro Mod Drag Racer Is a 5-Second Car

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As anybody who knows a thing or two about drag racing is well aware, the Nissan GT-R is one of the most capable street car platforms to have ever met the prepped surface. However, one of the developers playing the Godzilla drag strip game has decided to take things to the next level, moving from actual street cars to a Pro Mod GT-R.
We're talking about Extreme Turbo Systems, with the specialist having now come out of the closet - the company explains it has been working on the Pro Modified R35 for a couple of years.

As opposed to the street car, a Pro Mod features a tubular chassis, while still retaining the moving doors (this is the quickest/fastest drag racing class to keep the said feature) and using a replica body.

And while the street car builds retain the AWD configuration, albeit with a RWD mode that allows drivers to bring the rear tires up to temperature (think: burnouts) before setting off, this puppy comes in RWD-only form.

Of course, the new setup will bring sharper 1/4-mile numbers, not least thanks to the considerable weight loss - the scale footpring of the street chassis, which sits above 3,800 lbs, is is greatest drawback - as dictated by the rules, a turbo (we'll get to this in a moment) Pro Mod car can't weight less than 2,650 lbs, driver included.

And yes, the all-mighty VR38 DETT twin-turbo V6 motor is still here, albeit with this being completely remastered compared to the unit you'd find on a showroom car (for instance, street builds pack billet aluminum 4.0-liter blocks delivering well north of 3,000 hp).

The developer has only showcased the recent test pass of the car, which obviously involved moderate boost, leading to a 6.53s adventure at 206 mph.

For the record, the mightiest street chassis R35 GT-R in the world can complete the 1,320 feet task in 6.58 at 238 mph. Of course, the fact that the R35 has been with us since 2007 has also helped.

Of course, the Pro Mod GT-R will move on to the 5s league and perhaps beast the current record(s) of the class - the quickest import sits at 5.66 seconds, while the quickest V8 takes care of the chore in 5.48 seconds.

You can check out the infancy run of the Pro Mod GT-R in the first clip below, while the second video showcases the said street car record.

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