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Nissan GT-R Now a Station Wagon

We’ve certainly seen some bizarre photos in our lives, but things kind of get out of hand from time to time. Station Wagons are family cars or vehicles used by people who really need the extra space.
Nissan GT-R SW 1 photo
Things go wild when that family car basic idea goes upside down when you add it to the Nissan GT-R. It may look awesome, but you tend to think a bit why someone would do something like this.

The guys from Carscoop posted two pictures of what seems to be a GT-R Station Wagon. The pictures were taken in Portugal in the parking lot of a shopping center. The car seems to be licensed in the UK but it’s too unclear to know for sure.

The car that looks like a Nissan GT-R Station Wagon is underneath actually a JDM Nissan Stagea Estate. The vehicle’s owner used the wheels, side fenders, the front bumper and the rear lower splitter to create this unique monster on wheels.


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