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Nissan GT-R Driving Carmageddon Style

The 1997 Carmageddon game featured fast cars that were competing against time in different locations. As time was running low, each driver could replenish the ticking seconds by running over pedestrians and generally wrecking stuff.
Carmageddon Driver 1 photo
We guess that this driver was a big fan of that violent and immoral racing game. He was caught on a surveillance camera speeding and destroying property in his path.

He tried to overtake a car on the right side while having too little space between it and the parked cars. He managed to “squeeze” between them for 13,000 XP points given for “Double Damage”. After that, he smashed three more parked cars obtaining 50,000 more XP for performing the “Three-In-A-Row” maneuver.

In a totally cool way, he left the scene in a cloud of dust while being rewarded with the bonus “Hollywood Style” 100,000 XP points, and by the summed up score, he probably unlocked a new car.


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