Nissan GT-R Drags Unsuspecting R35, Makes It Look Like It Was Standing Still

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to know all about how to remain young at heart while the years pass around you, there are some interesting hints across the automotive industry, as well.
Nissan GT-R drag races GT-R on DRACS 7 photos
Photo: Drag Racing and Car Stuff / YouTube
Nissan GT-R drag races GT-R on DRACSNissan GT-R drag races GT-R on DRACSNissan GT-R drag races GT-R on DRACSNissan GT-R drag races GT-R on DRACSNissan GT-R drag races GT-R on DRACSNissan GT-R drag races GT-R on DRACS
Usually, when we try to stay young, we traditionally eat healthier, sleep more, and exercise. I feel that is a nice recipe for getting as far as possible without resorting to extreme measures like that millionaire CEO who is trying to completely reverse aging inside his body, but needs an army of doctors and a draconic life regimen to (potentially) succeed. And the automotive industry makes it all seem even easier.

Look at some long-running nameplates like the Toyota 4Runner, Dodge Challenger, or the R35 Nissan GT-R. For example, the fifth generation of the Tacoma sibling in SUV form has been around since 2009, the Mopar since 2008, and the legendary Japanese sports car since the final days of 2007! And they are all still going strong, even if not for long, as far as the Stellantis model is concerned.

Meanwhile, the heir to the five generations of Skyline GT-R lineage has nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of being called out that it has grown long in the tooth. After all, just last year Nissan stopped taking orders for the GT-R50, the 50th-anniversary celebration model with 710 hp, and for the 2024 model year both the regular and Nismo variants were thoroughly updated… once again. Plus, they are still well-beloved across the entire aftermarket realm.

And its longevity is also coming with another, interesting consequence. Because it has been around for so long, most issues have already been sorted out and tuning enthusiasts can just focus on massive upgrades based on a very stable initial platform. And there is no need to take our word for granted, as we have yet another eloquent example of what can be done with an R35 Nissan GT-R… at the local quarter-mile dragstrip!

Courtesy of the videographer behind the Drag Racing and Car Stuff channel on YouTube, who has caught a feisty R35 Nissan GT-R at Bradenton Motorsports Park (Bradenton, Florida) right when it was ready to battle a sibling, we now (allegedly) have the first member of the ‘stock location turbo’ pack that dropped into the sixes! And it all happened during one night of action (the video embedded below was uploaded on March 16th) between a gray GT-R and a black sibling.

As the light turned green, the first to jitter off the starting block like a hungry animal was the black contender to quarter-mile dragstrip glory, which soon took a comfortable lead. But it soon became more than obvious the focus of the feature was on the gray example of the R35 GT-R variety, as the latter not only recouped the difference, but also spearheaded towards the finish line like a spaceship and soon made its opponent look as if it was standing still. In the end, the result was more than obvious: 6.97s at over 209 mph (130 mph)!

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