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Nissan GT-R Convertible Looks Off, Has Visible Nitrous Kit

Purists have a tougher time each year, as norms and conventions of the automotive realm get challenged. And while I usually support this kind of concept play, the contraption that brought us here is the kind I prefer to see on a screen rather than in the real world. And that's because we're looking at a Nissan GT-R Convertible.
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Nissan GT-R Convertible renderingNissan GT-R Convertible renderingNissan GT-R Convertible rendering
Now, before any drifting or time attack aficionados have a different kind of attack (think: one that involves the chest), allow me to point out the clip at the bottom of the page is a rendering.

The brief video portrays a beheaded Godzilla, with a nitrous setup sitting atop of the rear deck, just behind the seats.

Note that the render comes from virtual label 2NCS, which constantly likes to deliver such stunts - from contraptions such as the Lamborghini Urus 6x6 to smart keys that put our current ones to shame, this label has a thing for creations that raise tons of questions.

Then again, I'll remind you that the R35 already received a drop-top conversion. Back in 2014, Newport Convertible Engineering, a shop based in Southern California, decided to take the top off the Nissan halo car.

The kit kicked off at about $30,000 and the demo car was meant for the real world, as it was reportedly commissioned by a customers in Abu Dhabi - GT-Rs are mighty popular in that part of the world and having ca Cabriolet meant standing out with ease.

The said specialist had history with such chopping jobs, as it had previously applied a similar treatment to Range Rovers and at least one Porsche Cayenne, among others.

And while many cars could use a breath of fresh air, the GT-R certainly isn't the kind. After all, we're not talking about a sportscar that's best enjoyed with moderation. A GT-R needs to be manhandled, pushed to the limit to deliver its thrills. And you don't want extra weight and loss of rigidity when you're out hooning at ten ouf ten...


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