Nissan GT-R: Arab Drifting in London Traffic

It looks like Arabs want to bring hagwalah, their reckless in-traffic “drifting” to the UK. London is the home of many, many supercars and most of the owners drive normally, pushing the pedal on the right a bit more from time to time, but not the man in the adjacent video.
The clip, which comes from Youtube user F14BigAl, brings us a black Nissan GT-R that powerslides around a sharp corner in London. The Arab driver waits for the traffic light to turn green, enters the corner slowly and then floors it.

The vehicle slides and then it also goes a bit sideways the other way, getting extremely close to a bus, and in the end it just drives away in a rush. In the process, the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 delivers a wild soundtrack.

We were joking about hagwalah coming to the UK, of course and it seems that so was the driver...


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