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Nissan GT-R, 2154 Bugatti Spaceship Star in Elysium Movie

One icon of the present and one from the future star in one hotly anticipated movies for sci-fi fans around the world. Before we get underway with our regularly scheduled story, please watch the first trailer for the movie Elysium, a movie created by the man who directed District 9.
Elysium 5 photos
Besides Matt Damon looking like a total robot killing master of the rail gun, e noticed something else, something with wheels.

It's the Nissan GT-R, the one from the present, that's being used as a sort of Japanese-made Mad Max Ford Falcon, only with a twin-turbo V6. The car appears briefly in the trailer and gets blasted to smithereens, though the official movie website shows Matt sitting alongside it, indicating it's his.

The GT-R appears to be one of the newer 2012 models and is ready for the zombie apocalypse, having roof lights, protective mesh grilles over the windows and rat-rot headlights.

Elysium's plot centers around a space station where the rich live, with no wars, hunger or even decease. Can you guess what they drive? Yep, it's a Bugatti spaceship, with a two-tone paintjob included. This trailer gives us only a small glimpse of the car, but we have a single photo of its from last year's Comic-Con for you to enjoy below.

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