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Nissan Brings Virtual Reality Metaverse at CES 2019

Alongside the drivetrain revolution and the upcoming shift towards electric power, the automotive world is going through another, possibly even greater transformation: digitalization.
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Carmakers are throwing everything they’ve got at making cars digital, connected and even aware in such a degree than in a few decades we won’t be able to recognize what motoring is.

For short, cars will be able to talk to one another, store information in a cloud somewhere and share it with each other, hence virtually predicting well in advance what the driver needs to do to avoid danger, for instance.

Finding parking spaces will no longer be a problem, as cars will tell each other when they have vacated one. Sending and receiving signals from traffic lights will help eliminate congestion, while HUDs will be used to identify and tag everything in the car’s line of sight and beyond.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which kicks off next week, Nissan will be bringing all of the above capabilities, and then some, nicely wrapped in an array of features called Invisible-to-Visible, or I2V.

Aside for doing all of the above, I2V will connect to a virtual reality realm the Japanese call Metaverse and do things never before possible in a car, from changing the interior of the car to making avatars of people you know or don’t know pop-up all over the interior of the car.

I2V will connect to this Metaverse thing, for instance, when you make a call and, instead of making the voice of the one you called be heard in the car, it will actually bring him or her inside the vehicle, using unexplained virtual reality gizmos, for a human-to-hologram live chat session.

The system can be made to mimic or respond to the outside conditions so that for instance when it rains outside the interior is bathed in light coming from a virtual sun – we reckon the opposite is possible as well.

Should you get lost in a city somewhere, the same holographic system could make a local guide pop up and get you out of trouble.

You can read all about all this ultra sci-fi technology Nissan will be showing in the document below. And that’s really all you can do, as it is unlikely something like this will become a reality during our lifetime.

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