Nissan Altima Would Rather Sip Electrons Than Gasoline, Too Bad It's Not a Tesla, Right?

Nissan Altima 7 photos
Photo: Reddit | SonicResidue
Nissan AltimaNissan AltimaNissan AltimaNissan AltimaNissan AltimaNissan Altima
It looks like someone desperately needs a Tesla in their life, but for some reason, they’re driving a Nissan Altima. And it’s a nicely-maintained copy too, save for the obvious ridiculous stickers.
Almost everywhere you look, you will see something that reminds of the electric car maker based in Austin, Texas. There are Tesla stickers on the trunk lid, hood, windows, and even on the fuel filler cap, because this is still a gasoline-powered vehicle, no matter how much its owner would want you to believe otherwise.

And it’s not only Teslas that the person whose name is written on the dotted line in the papers of the pictured Nissan Altima has a soft spot for, because if you look at the back, next to the Nissan logo, you will see a Nio sticker as well. According to the Redditor who uploaded these pictures in the ‘ugly’ car mods thread, where the sedan rightfully belongs, it had more such decals on the inside too.

It’s clear that this Nissan Altima belongs between four padded walls. On a second thought, we’ve seen much worse, and truth be told, it can easily go back to its original condition by simply peeling them off. And we cannot help but wonder why anyone would want an EV that badly when they can still enjoy a vehicle powered by dead dinosaurs.

Moreover, they clearly have the money to buy it, as the 2023 Altima has an MSRP of $25,290, and the SL, which is the trim of the pictured one, starts at $31,990, before destination, dealer fees, and options. A Tesla Model 3 would not be out of reach to the owner, and even if they couldn’t afford it, they could still get a brand-new electric vehicle from a different brand for the equivalent of their car. So, why don’t they do just that?
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