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Nissan 400Z Nismo Looks Like an Accurate Retro-Carbon Mix

Today, we finally got to say "hello handsome" to the brand new Z car, or rather the preview concept of one. The production model isn't ready yet, but Nissan is already hinting at a possible Nismo version.
Nissan 400Z Nismo Looks Like an Accurate Retro-Futuristic Mix 2 photos
Nissan 400Z Nismo Looks Like an Accurate Retro-Futuristic Mix
Nissan isn't too skilled at making money, but the Nismo variants have proven successful, especially in Asia. They offer not only performance but also a cool look. The outgoing 370Z was one of the first to get this treatment, and the tradition looks set to continue.

We don't actually know a lot about the new Z sports car, not even its name. Its engine, platform, and technology remain shrouded in mystery as well. However, rumors always point towards the tech already being used by the Infiniti luxury brand.

We're referring to the twin-turbo V6 that powers quite a few models. Thanks to Infiniti thinking it can compete with BMW M, the Nismo could potentially have something like 450 horsepower or all-wheel drive, which is still relatively uncommon in this segment.

But today, we're here to talk about the merger between the Z Proto concept and the Nismo design language. Rendering artist Kleber Silva pulled all the right moves with this high-performance study, which is dripping in aero.

Nismo's trademark look is a black set of aero elements and a red stripe going around the car. In the case of the GT-R, these add-ons are made from carbon fiber, which is what we see here. Fitting such goodies would cost a lot of money, but we've seen Nissan isn't afraid of charging extra.

Our only worry is that the Z Proto concept is all about a modern twist on the retro look. It's got hints from all the other Z sports cars dating 50 years back. Adding carbon fiber and a bolt-on wing might be the wrong move. And let's not forget these parts also need to help the 400Z set records on the track.


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