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Nissan 370Z Successor Getting Powerful 3-Liter Turbo, 240Z Retro Styling

Nissan is in a bit of a rut right now. The maker of some of the coolest cars ever is stuck behind scandals and poor reliability ratings. But a revival is on the horizon and it includes the successor to the 370Z.
Nissan 370Z successor rendering 1 photo
This current generation of Z car is about a decade old, during which time it barely changed. What's more, the 370Z isn't that different from the 350Z that came before. But the successor will make big leaps in engine technology.

Everything we suspected about it turns out to be true, as Autoblog magazine says it's obtained insider information from a source within Nissan itself. “They’re going back to the roots of the car,” the source says after seeing a prototype at a dealer meeting.

The engine has been confirmed to be a 3-liter. Of course, any dummy could have figured that out, since the Z car has always been closely related to an Infiniti Coupe: 350Z - G35, 370Z - G37.

Currently, the Q60 Coupe, which replaced the G-series, packs a bi-turbo 3-liter V6 with a variety of outputs. We suspect the normal model will get around 400 horsepower, though the report also talks about a potential 500 horsepower Nismo model. Frankly, that sounds like too much; we don't need another M4 track-focused rival but an affordable, enjoyable sports car.

Z cars have traditionally not been very fun on the edge of their performance, but you'll be pleased to know that a manual gearbox will still be offered. Not only would this make a better man-to-machine connection, but it might also improve performance since Nissan doesn't make the quickest gearboxes in the business.

Even the styling direction has been decided, a sports car with a retro design inspired by the legendary 240Z. Japanese vintage design is definitely cool, and we're glad to have a vintage alternative to the fussy Toyota Supra. This much older rendering by Lexus designer Iwai Tetsuya seems like an accurate depiction of that.


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