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Nissan 370Z Redesigned to Look Modern, 2021 400ZX Rumors Spread

Toyota first came out with the FT-1 back in 2014. It was a very successful concept, but for a while, it wasn't really clear if this was going to be turned into a real sports car. Nissan is doing the exact opposite thing, though somehow we still know the fresh Z is going to be really hot.
Nissan 370Z Redesigned to Look Modern, 2021 400ZX Rumors Spread 3 photos
Nissan 370Z Redesigned to Look Modern, 2021 400ZX Rumors SpreadNissan 370Z Redesigned to Look Modern, 2021 400ZX Rumors Spread
We can't put our finger on it, but the Supra and 370Z communities are totally different, or at least they used to be. Toyota's fans were all about drag racing monsters with crazy output numbers while Nissan's Z cars were associated with a combination of drifting goodness and having something completely original - stance, body kits, or unique engine swaps.

Launched over a decade ago, the 370Z wasn't even considered pretty when new. It still wears the boomerang-shaped Nissan lights of that era, like the Juke, so it's the perfect candidate for a redesign from The Sketch Monkey.

So, why not start with the 240Z instead? After all, the next-generation model is supposed to have vintage styling. We'll never know, but the artist decided to modernize the 370Z instead. Maybe in 2030, when this car will be two decades old, somebody will look at this video and decide it's what he wants to build.

As in most cases, The Sketch Monkey focuses a lot of his attention on the lights, which can instantly date a vehicle. The 370Z comes with relatively narrow ones, so he just gives them sharper graphics. Another issue is that the back of the car is too long, too fat even, while classic Datsuns had almost all their bodywork in the nose.

While the main design inspiration for the new Z car will be the 240Z, its powertrain should be completely modern. The 3-liter bi-turbo has basically been confirmed, the only unknown being its output. The video mentions "400ZX" as a possible name for the car, which could indicate a high output of around 400 hp and all-wheel-drive. It's not even that speculative, considering that's what the Infiniti Q60 AWD Coupe basically offers.

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