Nissan 350ZL1 Is Muscle JDM: 350Z Drift Car Gets ZL1 Supercharger on LS2 V8 Swap

If you happen to have gotten you hands on a tried and tortured Nissan 350Z drift car, you are a lucky man. It all means you’ve got a solid base for a memorable custom build project. But what could you do with it? Well, for one thing, you could turn it into a 350ZL1.
Nissan 350ZL1 1 photo
At least that’s what the folks over at CBI Streetcars have done, injecting some ultra-serious muscle into this old JDM delight. The Nissan dropped its V6 engine for a 402CI LS2 V8. But going from natural aspiration to the same thing just didn’t cut it.

So the V8 was gifted with an LSA V8 supercharger. Yep, the one from the Camaro ZL1. To go with that, the builders also installed a cylinder head from the LSA and now that blower feeds the engine with 15 PSI of boost.

A Flex Fuel Kit was the next thing to consider, while all the abuse would be channeled through a 4L80E auto tranny.

After such a transplant, there are times when the 350ZL1 find it difficult to settle into a specific category. So don’t be surprised if you start drifting while you were out for drag racing practice.

This is just one the things that happens in the video below, a taste of supercharged things to come. Oh and by the way, the car has now received a hefty shot of nitrous. It was on the house and it couldn’t refuse it. Wonder what it does to that open exhaust cutout soundtrack.

Where is your Godzilla now?

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