Nissan 350Z Nurburgring Near Crash Looks Like a Panic Attack

The Nurburgring is currently a look-don't-lap affair, with the infamous German track being closed for the winter. However, we can take the time to look back at some of the spectacular moment delivered throughout the 2018 tourist season.
Nissan 350Z Nurburgring Near Crash 6 photos
Photo: nordschleife motorsport/YouTube
Nissan 350Z Nurburgring near crashNissan 350Z Nurburgring near crashNissan 350Z Nurburgring near crashNissan 350Z Nurburgring near crashNissan 350Z Nurburgring near crash
We've brought along a piece of footage that showcases white knuckle Ring moment, which you can find at the bottom of the page. And there's one stunt that caught our eye in particular.

That would be the Nissan 350Z near crash (you'll find this at the 1:20 point of the clip) that took place in the Schwedenkreuz section. This one, which friends simply call Sx, might just be the most dangerous turn of the circuit. It follows a generous straight that allows cars to gain serious speed, while its entry is "camouflaged" by a crest.

As such, many drivers end up in the situation of the one we have here - the enter the twist too hard, panic and suddenly take their foot off the gas, which leas to lift-off oversteer.

Hopefully, this 350Z didn't end up in the guardrail (there doesn't seem to be any sound of an impact).

Speaking of Sx, this is one of the Nordschleife sections that is included in the 2019 track update plan. And while new asphalt in on the list, as showcased by the official images of the construction work taking place at the track, there might be more.

The rumor mill talks about the potential leveling of the Sx entry, which would obviously make lapping the Green Hell a tamer experience.

And while we're all for safety, perhaps some massive warnings before sections like this one would be a more suitable compromise.

Of course, there are also drivers who are familiar enough with the Ring to afford the occasions slide. And, as you'll notice at the 7:24 point of the video, not taking thins all that seriously at times might just pay out. Then again, drifting is forbidden at the Nurburgring, so perhaps the depicted actions were simple mistakes.

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