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Nissan 350Z Gets Iron Man LED Headlamp Conversion

The Nissan 350Z might not be a new car anymore, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get aftermarket attention. The latest example of 350Z tuning comes from the adjacent clip, which shows an Iron Mahn headlamp conversion for the Coupe and Roadster.
The feature has been released by ZLeds, which brags that the vehicle’s front lights and turn signals now look like the lights from Iron Man’s suit, offering the vehicle an extra topping of aggression.

While this is undoubtedly a conversion that draws attention and the work has been carried out with a lot of attention to detail, we’re still not convinced about one thing: has the car got the right papers to be pass the Overkill border? Thus, we’ll let you decided if this gets the “thumbs up” or a can of rotten tomatoes.


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