Nissan 240Z, 370Z, GT-R and Trophy Truck Face Off in Drag Race

Nissan Drag Race 1 photo
Photo: YouTube screenshot
We know a sponsored event when we see one. Four Nissan vehicles pitted against each other at the end of Motor Trend's "2015 SEMA Week Powered by Nissan"? This has "marketing ploy" written all over it.
That being said, what's to hate about a drag race between a 240Z, a 370Z, a GTR, and a Trophy Truck? It's so ridiculous that it's bound to be fun. The power underdog is the 240Z, even though it's not running the stock 2.4-liter, 151 hp engine originally fitted to the car in the 70s. Instead, a more modern RB 2.6-liter, 280 hp Skyline GT-R straight-six engine resides under its hood. It could be a more powerful unit, since in the video it is stated that the hp is similar to the 370Z.

Next up on the power scale is the 370Z Nismo, which is propelled by a 3.7-liter, 350 hp V6 engine. But it's a lot heavier than the 240Z: about 400 kilos when comparing weights of the standard cars. Even if it has a slightly bigger engine, the 240Z also has a partially stripped interior, so it should weigh even less than the standard 1,044 kilos of the production car.

One of the last things you'd expect to see on a drag strip is a Trophy Truck since they're notoriously heavy, coming in at way over two tons. In this case, it's a Nissan Class 1 race truck from the 90s, powered by a mid-mounted, naturally aspirated V6. We did some digging and found out it's a 4-liter VQ unit putting out 503hp.

The GT-R they used in the video is just bonkers. It would have been the most powerful of the bunch even running the stock engine. But it's not running stock. It's a 1,100 hp ethanol beast tuned by Narvaez Racing. With that kind of power, the added weight of the production car doesn't even matter anymore.

Even if the end result is exactly the one you'd expect, the quarter-mile race is quite interesting, with the Trophy Truck being quickest off the mark. Watch the full video below.

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