NIO Starts Selling the ES8 in Norway for NOK609,000 ($69,093)

After announcing its plans for Norway, NIO finally started selling the ES8 in that country. The first electric car with swappable batteries for Norwegian customers starts at NOK609,000 ($69,093 at the current exchange rate), and it can become even cheaper if they opt for BaaS (battery as a service). In that case, the ES8 would start at NOK519,000 ($58,882) due to a NOK90,000 ($10,211) deduction for the battery pack.
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NIO ES8 Finally Reaches NorwayNIO BaaS and Its AdvantagesSlide that Made a Confusion About DatesNIO ES8 Prices in NorwayNIO ES8 Finally Reaches NorwayNIO ES8 Finally Reaches NorwayNIO ES8 Finally Reaches NorwayMap of NIO Power Swap Stations in Norway
It may seem a low discount, that has to do with the size of the battery pack and its chemistry. The 75-kWh unit is the first hybrid battery pack in the world EV market, mixing LFP (lithium iron phosphate) and ternary cells in a single component. EV makers normally have one or the other in a battery pack. Regarding the size, Tesla charges $10,000 on a 75 kWh battery pack, so NIO’s prices for it follow the market numbers for that capacity.

With the BaaS, you can swap the need to buy a battery pack for the right to use one. In Norway, it will cost NOK1,399 ($159) per month to use the 75-kWh battery pack, which offers a 375-kilometer (233-mile) range under the WLTP cycle.

Things get a little different with the 100-kWh battery pack. An ES8 equipped with it costs NOK679,000 ($77,035), which means the larger component costs NOK160,000 ($18,153). If the customer chooses BaaS for the 100-kWh battery pack, the monthly fee is NOK1,999 ($227) for 500 km (311 mi) of WLTP range.

With BaaS, the ES8 costs less than a Tesla Model Y despite being a larger vehicle. It will be interesting to see the impact that can have on Tesla’s sales in Norway. However, there’s something strange with the press release provided by the Chinese carmaker.

In one of the images provided by the company, NIO states that the recently presented 75-kWh battery pack will only be available in July 2022. That could mean that the only deliveries happening so far are for the ES8 with the 100-kWh battery pack, as NIO said that would be the case on May 6, when it officially announced its plans for Norway. However, the slide states that the 100-kWh cars will only be available in March 2022.

The slide came with the title “NIO.BaaS.Norway.Pricing,” which could mean it refers solely to when the BaaS will be available. However, it also does not make sense. Theoretically, the cars delivered now can already choose BaaS. The first swap station will be opened by the end of October in Norway. Until the end of 2022, NIO wants to have 20 stations covering the country’s five largest cities and its main roads.

We already reached out to NIO to find an explanation for the strange deadlines in that slide. Meanwhile, the good news is that the Norwegian customers will soon be able to experience how convenient swapping battery packs can be.
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