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Nimbl's Evolution Vehicle Heralds New Era for Truck Campers With Impressive Build
The world is changing, and with it, the people that inhabit this world. One way folks are looking to do things differently is with a mobile home. However, the old way of living the RV life is no longer cutting it. We need bigger, better, stronger gear to fulfill our need to explore.

Nimbl's Evolution Vehicle Heralds New Era for Truck Campers With Impressive Build

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Cue Nimbl Vehicles, formerly known as XPCamper, and their state-of-the-art truck camper, the Evolution. Born and bred in the U.S. of A., Nimbl is the sort of team that arose from a passion to create a vehicle that’s different from all the others, and one that can be everything you’ll need on the road, a true travel companion.

Yes, the beast you see is the Evolution, all of it, including the 4x4 Ford F-350 Super Duty chassis and camper shell, but it’s the shell that will be getting the most attention. About the F-350, what’s there to say? It's a vehicle that’s always been reliable and capable. However, for the Evolution, Nimbl is using a 2020 powertrain with the 7.3-liter V8 “Godzilla” engine and ten-speed TorqShift automatic transmission.

But the neat thing is that this team allows you to do is bring your own truck, so if you’ve got a one-ton truck sitting around, not really living up to its full potential, then give Nimbl a call and do something with it. Have something like a Ram 3500 instead of a Ford? Don't worry, this crew is ready for that vehicle chassis as well, actually, almost any one-ton chassis.

One major change that this F350, and any vehicle that falls through Nimbl hands, undergoes, is that of including a suspension capable of handling whatever road or path you throw at it. With that in mind, you’ll find a full-blown ICON suspension. Everything from coil overs to remote reservoir shocks, all is engineered with ICON in mind and the ability to overcome the harshest terrain.

As for the shell, this is where Nimbl will stand apart from other RV manufacturers. These days, industry leaders have caught on to the fact that a monocoque design is unbeatable in the face of older camper design. With this in mind, expect to see a monocoque composite shell giving way to your living space. With no seams, no cracks, no joints, a monocoque structure offers protection from the elements without seeping into the construction, and interior habitat temperatures are easier to control.

One thing is for sure, more and more manufacturers are catching on to the fact that a monocoque build is best for RVs, campers, and even trailers, so be sure to see more and more as you travel further and further into the future. As far as truck campers are concerned, this sort of construction should be considered the new standard of living.

What the team chose to do with the Evolution, is split the upper half of the shell from the lower half, in the process, introducing a lifting feature that opens the interior into a living space suitable for the open road and your adventure-filled life.

Lifted, the Evolution offers 90 inches (228.6 centimeters) of vertical space, but inside, things start to look the way a modern truck camper ought to look. Aside from the fact that Nimbl looks like the sort of team that will allow you to customize the camper to your lifestyle, they do offer a few images that give us an understanding of what to expect.

The composite shell can be seen creating space for things like the kitchen, bathroom with shower, modular dinette suitable for sleeping one or two guests, and the cabover bedroom. The bedroom features panoramic windows and skylight and entertainment center, while rolling out of bed will land you in the kitchen with a fridge/freezer at your feet.

The remainder of the kitchen includes features like a sink with faucet, large countertop, and cooktop. But what surprised me the most was the feature across from the kitchen, the bathroom. Lying hidden under a composite lid, when you want to shower, lift the lid, hang the curtain rail to the corresponding place on the ceiling, and get to showering. Other than this, the manufacturer’s website mentions nothing further regarding bathroom features; all customizable I presume.

Now, anytime you build something like the Evolution, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be equipped with everything you need to survive rugged and unforgiving landscapes. Heating and cooling systems, electrical, solar, and waterworks are all features you can discuss with Nimbl.

As for the question on everyone’s minds, how much is this sucker going to run you? Well, it’s currently running for a starting price of $249,000 (€210,959 at current exchange rates). How high that price can get is all up to you and what lifestyle features you want to bring along on your next off-road adventure.

Editor's note: Ford F-350 base vehicle images have been added post-publishing.


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