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Nikola Recalls Tre BEV Trucks Over Safety Issue

At one point more valuable than Ford in terms of market valuation, the Nikola Corporation took a turn for the worse in September 2020 when the SEC and DOJ launched investigations into securities fraud allegations. The Arizona-based company is currently making a comeback, but as expected of such a young automotive outfit, the build quality could use some work.
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Nikola Tre BEVNikola Tre BEVNikola Tre BEVNikola Tre BEVNikola Tre BEVNikola Tre BEVNikola Tre BEV
On July 18th, during a pre-delivery inspection, a Nikola employee discovered a Tre BEV with the shoulder anchorage on the passenger side seatbelt disconnected from the B-pillar adjuster. The issue was immediately reported to Iveco, the Italian automaker that manufactures the cab and sources the seatbelts from an Italian company by the name of MCF Safety.

Indeed, the Nikola Tre BEV and Iveco S-Way cabins are very similar. From August to September, the Italian partner informed Nikola that the final torque on the passenger seatbelt shoulder anchorage was not installed to specification. Iveco further notes that it’s highly susceptible to cross threading and that the condition may exist on other Nikola Tre BEV units.

The Vehicle Defects Committee launched a field investigation to verify torque, determining that an improvement can be made to the original design. More specifically, the seatbelt shoulder anchorage could be improved by reducing the size of the spacer between the bolt and adjuster. The VDC then decided to issue a recall encompassing 93 examples of the breed, all-electric workhorses produced between November 5th, 2021 and June 30th, 2022.

Nikola isn’t aware of any warranty claims or complaints related to the described condition. The remedy component is narrower than the recalled component, allowing for complete thread engagement of the assembly. The planned owner notification dates range from October 1st to November 1st.

Eligible for incentives in California and New York, the Tre BEV is a Class 8 truck designed for metro-regional applications. The 753-kWh battery pack is good for up to 350 miles (563 kilometers) of driving range. It can be charged from 10 to 80 percent at 240 kW in approximately two hours. Capable of up to 75 mph (120 kph) and 645 ponies, the Nikola Tre BEV flaunts a gross combined weight rating of 82,000 pounds (37,195 kilograms).

 Download: Nikola Tre BEV recall (PDF)


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