Nike Who? Bugatti and Adidas Team Up To Bring Us a Limited-Edition Football Boot

Bugatti is no stranger to partnerships. It's probably one of the few automotive brands that signed more brand-building deals than cash purchase agreements. But when you're the world's most well-known hypercar manufacturer, very little can put a stop to ambitions that go beyond the automotive realm. Here's what's so special about Bugatti's latest collaboration.
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adidas X Crazyfast Bugattiadidas X Crazyfast Bugattiadidas X Crazyfast Bugattiadidas X Crazyfast Bugattiadidas X Crazyfast Bugattiadidas X Crazyfast Bugatti
Believe it or not, some people pay millions of dollars for shoes. Footwear, especially sneakers, can become highly collectible items. It's no laughing matter – this is a billion-dollar industry!

Former Volkswagen poster child Bugatti didn't get where it is today by ignoring trends or not pushing certain limits. After all, it's the only car brand out there putting W16 mechanical beating hearts into hunks of metal that immediately become hypercars. But that's ending soon.

The brand admitted that massive fossil fuel-hungry engines won't be enough for the electrified era. That's a simple thing to grasp, considering what the likes of Tesla and Lucid are doing with zero-emission family sedans nowadays.

Together with Rimac, the formerly German-owned French automaker is avidly preparing to enter a new phase. An all-electric Bugatti is still being kept under wraps right now, but the rumors say that a scary-fast, electrified hypercar is to join our world in 2026. The plan is to remove eight cylinders from the W16 powerplant and add hybrid technology.

While the move makes a lot of sense, halving the engine's number of cylinders and displacement seems to mirror another shift for Bugatti. Back in 2008, the iconic marque partnered with Nike for a brilliant commercial featuring Cristiano Ronaldo.

Today, Bugatti is moving forward with adidas. The two well-known companies started a project culminating in a limited-edition pair of football boots. Just 99 are being made, and they are addressed only to lucky customers who will get to own such an iconic result of a fantastic partnership.

The shoemaker's Speedframe sole plate tech is the basis of this boot, which aims to make use of a light structure that can also serve as a dependable plate. The latter acts like the Chiron's drivetrain – everything must support the engine's amazing output.

All that balance between horsepower and traction turns into the human's capability to run, stop, and be sure about having sufficient contact with the grassy surface almost all the time. The adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti provides that level of needed confidence and certainty that what you're wearing can complement your best attributes.

Each boot comes with carbon fiber inserts and some breathable mesh that further enhances the sporty qualities of the shoes. But besides these great qualities, the shoes also feature the iconic Bugatti Blue color. It compliments their appearance and immediately places the footwear in the big league.

adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti
Photo: Bugatti
"Impossible is Nothing" and "Create the Incomparable" are the two mottos that indicate the origin of these boots and can be seen on their side. Move your eyes to the rear three-quarters, and the instantly recognizable Ettore Bugatti-inspired logo is a seal of glorious authenticity.

Bugatti and adidas decided to give everyone a fair shot at owning one of the 99 pairs. They will be auctioned through the Collect Web 3 platform between 8 and 11 November. Buyers will receive a digital shoebox immediately. Then, the real thing will be redeemable from select stores. The box will also feature some carbon fiber details.

The brands decided to use cryptocurrency for the transactions and involved a third party in the process. MoonPay deals with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular payments done with virtual coins. It also converts real currency into usable internet tokens, so you don't have to worry about this step.

Karim Benzema and Rafael Leao will unveil the football boots on the field before the auction starts.

Finally, Rimac Group owns 55% of Bugatti Rimac, while Porsche gets the remaining 45%. Mate Rimac (35%), Porsche (22%), and Hyundai (11%) control Rimac Group. Bugatti is now headquartered in Croatia, but assembly is still happening in Molsheim, France.
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