Nigerian Man Buries His Father in a BMW X6, Because Why Not

When you go, make sure you go out in style. That’s something one Nigerian man would have liked for a motto, based on his son’s actions after his death. Because he just got to “go” in one of the coolest rides possible, courtesy of a BMW showroom.
Nigerian man buries his father in a new BMW X5 17 photos
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One Nigerian man, identified only as Azubuike, is making headlines after he chose to bury his father in a first-generation BMW X6. If you’re wondering why a traditional wooden coffin wasn’t good enough, here’s the explanation: the son had promised his father he would, one day, buy him a “flash car,” The Sun reports.

Apparently, he never got to it when his dad was still alive and, not wanting to break his promise, he did so in death. So, instead of burying his father in a coffin, as us regular people would do, he went out to a local BMW showroom and acquired the 2014 car, for which he paid a reported £66,000 (approx. $88,000) in cash.

Word on social media has it that he specifically sought that “the BMW [be] equipped with Sat Nav to help him find his way to the pearly gates,” the British tab says. That’s mighty considerate of him, not wanting his father to get lost on his way to Heaven.

One photo from the funeral has gone viral on social media, showing the used BMW being lowered into a large grave, which had been dug by the people from the village. The pall bearers are all dressed to the nines, and curious attendees are taking pictures of the unusual “coffin.”

Also on social media, the gesture is being dismissed as a final and completely useless showing of flashiness. Had the man really wanted to buy his father a car, he would have done everything in his power to do so while the man was still alive. To bury that kind of money into the ground (literally so) is stupid and inconsiderate, especially since he could have donated it, if he really wanted to make a difference.

This “trend” of using expensive cars instead of coffins seems to have started in 1988, when Detroit kingpin “Maserati Rick” Carter was buried in a custom-made gold-plated Mercedes-Benz coffin worth over $16,000. Mercedes-Benz, and not Maserati, was his favorite car brand.


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