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Nicky Jam Dribbles a Basketball Next to Private Jet, Is It Maluma's?

Nicky Jam is one of the reggaeton singers who owns a private jet, but, this time, he didn’t use his own. Instead, he shared a video dribbling a basketball next to what looks exactly like Maluma’s private jet. 
Nicky Jam Dribbling Before Boarding Private Jet 6 photos
Nicky Jam and Private JetNicky Jam and Private JetMaluma's Private JetMaluma's Private JetMaluma's Private Jet
Nicky Jam has a net worth of around $6 million, and, besides a big collection of supercars, he also owns a private jet. Although he didn’t publicly reveal the name of the manufacturer of his jet, he won a bet with Air Europa a few years back. The airline offered to give his plane a makeover to look like the one from his video “X,” and we know it's white.

But his most recent Instagram Stories post shared on February 10, shows the reggaeton singer dribbling a basketball before boarding a jet, which looks incredibly similar to Maluma’s.

And it’s not impossible for him to travel in the Columbian’s singer jet, because, last year, during an interview, he revealed that he and Maluma often trade jets. You know, like you do when you have rich friends. He also joked that Maluma’s plane is better than his, because he bought it after him.

Maluma introduced his jet on social media in late 2019. It is a black-painted second-hand Gulfstream G450, called “Royalty Air.” He reportedly paid around $20 million for it.

But, in an interview with Nicky Jam last year on The Rockstar Show, the two singers discussed the perks of owning a jet. It goes beyond luxury, they claimed, calling it a necessity. Nicky Jam and Maluma agreed that, as artists, they have to travel from city to city in a very short time, so owning a private jet would help them avoid crowds at commercial airports.

Although there’s no official information on Nicky Jam’s plane’s specs, Maluma’s comes with two Rolls-Royce TAY 611-8C engines and it reaches 547 mph (880 kph) at high-speed cruise. Onboard, there are four divan seats that turn into beds, a fully stocked kitchen, six LCDs, and seats enough for 14 passengers.

And there couldn’t be anything better than some dribbling before boarding a plane and trying to ease the anxiousness if you’re a nervous flier. 

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Editor's note: Gallery showing pictures of Nicky Jam and Maluma's jet


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