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Nicki Minaj Claims Drake Is a Billionaire as She Flies Private in a Gulfstream G550

Nicki Minaj has just shared a look at her current means of transportation – a Gulfstream G550 aircraft, which seems to have been paid for by her “very, very rich" Canadian friend.
Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550 10 photos
Nicki Minaj and DrakeNicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550Nicki Minaj on Gulfstream G550
In a new series of short videos on her Instagram Stories posted on August 10, Nicki Minaj shows everyone how she travels – in a blue private jet, which seems to be courtesy of her friendship with Drake.

In the video, Nicki Minaj alludes the “Hotline Bling” rapper is actually a billionaire, but that he doesn’t want everyone to know it. She said: “This is what happens when you got a rich — I’m sorry, a very rich, rich, rich, rich — Canadian friend… who is the only billionaire that I know that don’t want people to know he a billionaire.”

If that wasn’t straight-forward enough, she went online and liked a tweet that wrote: “Shoutout to @Drake for being a billionaire too, even though you ain’t want no one to know.” You can find the attached proof below.

Officially, Drake’s net worth is estimated at $250 million. If Nicki's claims are true, he wouldn't be the only rapper with ten figures, following in the footsteps of Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Nicki, who is no stranger to private jets, also suggested Drake took care of the private jet fee and adds that she "loves this plane." The aircraft in question is a Gulfstream G550, which is an ultra-long range jet. It comes with two Rolls-Royce BR 710-C4-11 engines, with a range of 6,776 nautical miles (7,7798 mi/ 12,549 km) and a maximum cruising speed of 562 mph (904 kph). It can seat up to 16 passengers, offering full-size sleeping areas for six passengers.

Nicki recently hung out and posted several pictures of Drake on her social media account, the latest posted just before uploading the video on her Instagram Stories. In the same post of her boarding the plane, Nicki also added a short video where she hung out with Drake's mom, Sandi Graham, so there's no doubt he was her "Canadian friend."

And since Drake is a fan of private jets (and owns one), it wouldn’t be surprising to send private jets to pick up his friends.

Editor's note: Gallery includes official pictures of the Gulfstream G550 Nicki flew in.


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