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Nick Grimshaw Recalls Flipping His G-Class, Even Lewis Hamilton Asked Him What Happened

Many of us have crazy driving stories, but few actually can match Nick Grimshaw’s experience with his Mercedes-Benz G-Class: the British television presenter flipped the SUV on a residential road, made headlines, and even Lewis Hamilton contacted him to ask what happened.
Nick Grimshaw's Crashed G-Wagen 6 photos
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The incident happened a few years ago, in 2016, just shortly after he moved into a new house. That’s certainly not the best impression after blocking an entire residential road and needing a fire brigade to rescue you.

Grimshaw recalled the incident on his weekly podcast, Dish, which he hosts with Angela Hartnett. He explained that he “did a deal with this car company where they said like, if you DJ for us and like, you do some stuff for us, we'll do some stuff for you."

So, in return, the company lent Nick a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen as part of the deal. But he wrecked it not long after. "So, I had that and I’d just moved house and I just moved in, and I think my neighbours were already having a cardiac arrest like, ‘Oh God, look who's moved in next door'," he explained.

Grimshaw continued that "it was in one of my first weeks of me moving in that I managed to flip it on its side. On a residential street. And I mean, on its side, blocking the entire road."

He added that the accident was “so shocking” and it naturally made headlines. The story was so big that even British racing driver Lewis Hamilton contacted him, asking “How did you do that?

Based on what he told everyone at the time, he swerved to avoid a stray cat and the G-Class flipped on its side. But it was so heavy, that no one could lift it. They needed the fire brigade to come rescue him. He also did clarify that he wasn't speeding at the moment of the incident.

"One of the fire brigades knew a like car-saving company, so this man came with a huge truck, flicked it upon its side, put it on the back of his lorry. And like, drove it off," Nick said. The "funny" thing about that was that no one knew the man, and it took them weeks to find the SUV. Needless to say, Nick "never heard from Mercedes ever again." He added: "And they used to invite me to like Silverstone. Never again.

Luckily, no one was injured in the event and now it definitely makes for a story worth telling.

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