NHTSA Proposes Tire Fuel Efficiency Ratings

If you didn't know by know, the tires on your car have a more or less significant impact on the fuel consumption rate of the vehicle. After efforts have been made to insure that customers will have a change to know how much of a gas guzzler their future car is, now the (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) NHTSA plans to introduce new tire fuel efficiency ratings.

So, for the first time, tires will inform the consumers of their impact on fuel economy and CO2 emission reductions. Additionally, the new marking will also provide information regarding wet weather traction and tread wear. These three ratings will be displayed on a removable label attached to the replacement tire at the point of sale.

Today's proposal takes the guess work out of buying the best tires for your vehicle. Our proposal would let consumers look at a single label and compare a tire's overall performance as it relates to fuel economy, safety and durability," Ray LaHood, US Transportation Secretary said.

To make this easier to understand, if the proposal is accepted (to be honest, we don't see why wouldn't it), the efficiency labeling of the tires will come in one of three formats: either star rating (1 to 6), percentage rating, or letter rating (similar to the one found on home appliances).

The full details of the proposed ratings can be found in the attached PDF. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is required by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 to issue a final rule on the matter by December 2009.

 Download: NHTSA Tire Rating Proposal (PDF)


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