NHTSA Investigatin Hyundai Veloster Spontaneously Exploding Sunroofs

The National Highway Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has begun investigating complaints regarding complaints that the glass sunroof, fitted to the Hyundai Veloster can spontaneously explode. Currently, a total of 15 complaints have been filed.
Hyundai Veloster 1 photo
Drivers report just driving along, then hearing a powerful bang sound, after which they end up covered in broken glass. One woman, who was getting her car’s oil changed for the first time said: “All of the sudden there was a loud bang like a gunshot, and I heard something raining down on my car [. . .] I looked in the mirror and saw glass flying everywhere… The glass was in my hair, down the back of my shirt and my pants.

All the cars with the reported problem apparently have less than 4,800 km (3,000 miles) on the odometer, so excessive wear or other ownership-related issues need to be dropped, as they are not relevant in this case. Keep an eye out for a future article regarding a massive recall of all Velosters fitted with the faulty sunroof, and have no doubts, it will come!

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