Next Toyota Camry Adopts the Crown Styling, Take All This With a Grain of Salt

Freshly unveiled, and sporting a complete reinvention of traditional styling, the 2023 Toyota Crown has reached its sixteenth iteration with ample novelties.
Toyota Camry Crown rendering by Kolesa 6 photos
Toyota Camry Crown rendering by KolesaToyota Camry Crown rendering by KolesaToyota Camry Crown rendering by KolesaToyota Camry Crown rendering by KolesaToyota Camry Crown rendering by Kolesa
Most importantly, the nameplate is making a fabled return to the United States after a major hiatus (50 years) as the crossover version of an entirely new series. Aside from that, Toyota’s new Crown affair is also brimming with Sport, Sedan, and Estate business for its global presence.

And that naturally gave a lot of people some novel ideas. Including the dream of seeing the next Toyota Camry iteration assume the mantle of a close sibling of the mid-size variety. And virtual automotive artists even decided to do something about it, thus paving the way for Crown-based Camry styling.

Not long ago we saw the Crown Sport (which is actually a five-door crossover SUV concept) lend a CGI helping hand to a Camry that would hypothetically try to duke it out with the iconic RAV4. But now, courtesy of the good folks over at Kolesa, we are back into regular sedan territory and only use the fresh Crown styling as a guiding digital beacon of Camry freshness.

According to their resident pixel master (that would be Nikita Chuicko, the virtual artist better known as kelsonik on social media), Camry’s planned change of generations – which is still unreleased and even unannounced by Toyota – will make ample use of Crown’s mid-size luxury cues but with a new front end sporting a large mouth, sorry, radiator grille.

The classic Camry proportions are retained, though its profile is also much cleaner than before. At the rear, a full-width horizontal LED line anchors the ideate design and mirrors the thin front LED strip connecting the headlights. All in all, it does not look half bad. Alas, do take all this with a grain of salt, as even the news outlet admits there is still no reliable information about the future looks of the ninth-generation Camry!


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