Next-Generation Tesla Model X Is a Truck-Based SUV in Shocking Rendering

Tesla is working to bring the first units of the Cybertruck to the streets by the end of the year. Still, it seems that full-scale deliveries won't commence until next year, as founder and CEO Elon Musk recently stated in a conference call following the release of Tesla’s Q4 2020 earnings. Meanwhile, the world still gazes at the Model S and Model X redesign released last month, which brought a yoke-style steering wheel to their cabins, among other updates. But what if we are to look into the more distant future of the Model X?
Next-Generation Tesla Model X rendering 3 photos
Next-Generation Tesla Model X renderingNext-Generation Tesla Model X rendering
The independent rendering we have here imagines a second-generation Model X that borrows most of its visual features from that CBRTRK, and it's worth noting this is an actual possibility.

The Palo Alto company, which currently relies more on moving energy than vehicles for profit, has worked with the same designer for its new-age vehicles (not the original Roadster, which was built on a Lotus chassis), namely American penning master Franz von Holzhausen.

And if the bet that is the radical styling of the pickup truck pays off, we might see more of of its models adopting such a minimalist design philosophy.

Besides, with the Cybertruck already featuring a unibody construction instead of the body-on-frame approach that dominates the truck market (this brings the handling closer to that of a car), the vehicle is already prepared to share its DNA with potential future models.

Now, this pixel effort transforms the Cybertruck into an SUV using two main ingredients. The first is the obvious body type switch, which Marouane Bembli (a.k.a. The Sketch Monkey) sees as inspired by the wagons that have lost so much ground to SUVs; the digital artists even refers to this contraption as a modernized Volvo 740.

As for the second, it introduces a number of refinements, with the work done to the front fascia being the easiest to notice.

One key aspect of the change involves making the Cybertruck design appearing less menacing. It's worth noting that, with all its disruptor material approach, the Tesla pickup follows the general trend of ever more aggressive styling, which covers machines from GM trucks to Toyota sedans.

Until we get more clues on how Tesla plans to approach the design of its future vehicles, the piece of footage below will walk you through the birth process of this virtual machine.

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