Next-Generation KTM X-Bow to Debut at Geneva Motor Show 2013

We’ve previously talked about the next incarnation of the KTM X-Bow street-legal track toy and it is now time to get back on the topic, as we can tell you that the vehicle is scheduled to make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show next year.
KTM X-Bow Race 1 photo
So, what will we get to see in March 2013? KTM will gift the X-Bow with doors and a windscreen and maybe even a roof - although these may be unconventional, but we’re sure that they will serve their purpose.

KTM also has plans for the asphalt that has no connection with public roads whatsoever, as the company is looking to place a bet on the LMP2 category at Le Mans, where it is expected to introduce an X-Bow that will use a modified version of Audi’s turbocharged five-cylinder engine.


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