Next-Generation GM Full-Size SUVs to Use Dedicated Interiors

It seems that General Motors is preparing to drop its interior part sharing strategy that has seen its full-size SUVs receive almost the same cabin design. The carmaker is set to change this plan starting with the next-generation 2014 models.
Cadillac Escalade Platinum interior 1 photo
This means that the new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade will come with dedicated instrument panels, dials, consoles and so on, with the finishes also set to be different.

GM visited a multitude of customer clinics and it became obvious that SUV buyers want to have more refined interiors. While this was a normal conclusion, the company was surprised to find out that truck customers don’t aim for a passenger car-like cabin, but want their vehicles to feel like trucks.

In addition to that, GM wants to solve the problem of premium vehicles using similar interiors to standard models. For example, an Escalade that can cost almost twice the price of a Tahoe won’t come with similar interiors anymore.

As for the exterior styling of the vehicles, GM says that the models will have visible differences that will give each own an identity.

Via: Car & Driver


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