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Next-Generation Dodge Challenger Concept Is an Electric Muscle Car

While the Internet is going crazy about the latest renderings portraying the Dodge Charger and Challenger in custom form, the carmaker is still weighing different options for the future of its muscle cars. And, given the current electrification trend, this option simply can't be ignored, even if we're only here to talk about a design proposal coming from an independent artist who worked in a Fiat-Chrysler studio.
Next-Generation Dodge Challenger EV Concept 4 photos
Next-Generation Dodge Challenger renderingNext-Generation Dodge Challenger renderingNext-Generation Dodge Challenger rendering
The next-gen Challenger sitting before us is envisioned as an electric vehicle, with Dhwanil Panchal, the designer behind it, mentioning these pixels were put together in a FCA-sponsored studio - you'll notice this in the description of the Instagram post showcasing the contraption, which awaits you at the bottom of the page.

As far as the styling goes, this proposal manages to generate a melange involving classic muscle car styling cues, futuristic bits, as well as other retro elements, such as the stripes on the lower sides.

Nevertheless, it's hard to focus on the look when the "muscle car" and "EV" concepts are thrown into the same sentence. After all, the first genre is defined by the emotions its driving experience generates and electron juice sippers have fallen short of delivering such sensations, at least to date. Of course, we're no stranger to official experiments, such as the Chevy eCOPO Camaro.

Fiat-Chrysler has stayed mostly outside the electrification circle so far, but the company is preparing to change its ways. So while muscle car lovers might have a hard time accepting the extra electric hardware, the lower emissions pressure means such a feature is inevitable.

Now, with the current Charger/Challenger being long in the tooth and since Fiat-Chrysler has merged with Peugeot-Citroen, we can expect a certain degree of electrification for the next-gen muscle cars we're talking about. And while a pure electric powertrain seems like a stretch, a mild-hybrid setup, involving a starter-generator assisting the internal combustion engine, sounds like it could happen.


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