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Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Rendered with Murano and Pulsar Elements

The current generation Nissan Leaf is by no means a pretty looking car. In fact, some people have compared it to a frog. But it is the most successful electric vehicle of all time, having sold 180,000 units since its launch.
2017 Nissan LEAF 3 photos
2017 Nissan LEAF2017 Nissan LEAF
Many updates were made since its unveiling in 2010, including better battery and extra equipment. However, the design remains pretty much the same if you don't happen to live in Japan, where custom body kits are available through dealerships.

When its sister car, the Renault Zoe, was in the initial stages of development, the designers wanted to go overboard with the design too. But the company decided a more conservative and discreet approach was better. After all, EVs have been around for quite some time, so nobody believes they are futuristic anymore.

Today, we're going to look at a rendering made by Theophilus Chin to depict the next Nissan Leaf. He used design quest from the new Murano SUV, such as the boomerang headlights. The overall body style is a conservative hatchback, with certain panels borrowed from the Pulsar model. The idea is not to make the car look boring, just better proportioned.

While we have no idea what the Leaf will look like, Nissan has let slip on more than one occasion that the battery pack will be twice as large. Charging systems will also be improved, but there might even be autonomous tech.

Former Nissan head of product development, Andy Palmer, has also hinted that the next Nissan Leaf will offer a range of battery options at different prices, just like the Tesla Model S.


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