Next Cummins T2B2 Diesel Unit Delivers 40% Better Mileage

Cummins 2.8-liter prototype 1 photo
Photo: Cummins
If you need to haul something big, high torque is exactly what you’re searching for. This can be achieved either by using big displacement V8 gasoline or diesel engines. While most will go for the classic V8 solution, you should know diesels have evolved a lot since their “rattling” dawn. And that’s why Cummins is here now to report their T2B2 unit works just as it should.
There are diesel engines now that can fool you into thinking you’re having a gasoline unit under the hood; they’re smoother, much more economical and offer a high amount of torque even at higher revs.

Cummins’ T2B2 (Tier 2, Bin 2) story starts in 2011 when the company started researching smaller and more efficient diesel engines with help from the U.S. Department of Energy as part of a $30 million project that also included Nissan and Johnson Matthey. Now, the company says their soon-to-be-out unit performs exactly as they wanted to.

The smaller 2.8-liter engine is now reported to offer the same power as a conventional gasoline V8 used in most light trucks, but with 40 percent better fuel economy and smaller emissions.

In order to achieve this, Cummins used a lot more aluminum, a space-saving design, lightweight steel pistons providing reduced friction but higher compression, a low pressure EGR system, a Johnson Matthey Cold Start Concept (CSC) catalyst as well as LTD and LDECC programs to use pre-mixed charge compression ignition and a high charge flow operation.

The new Cummins 2.8-liter engine weighs only 326 lbs (164 kg) while the emission control system (ECS) tips the scale with an extra 152 lbs (69 kg). The unit will now be passed over to Johnson Matthey for further refining in order for it to be mounted on a street-worthy vehicle.
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