Newmar's 2025 Canyon Star Is a Bag Full of Tricks That Adventurous Families Will Love

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There are countless Class A motorhome manufacturers out there, but one team, Newmar Corp, has unveiled its 2025 lineup of diesel RVs, and the Canyon Star, the least expensive of the class, has some tricks up its sleeve that very few wheeled homes showcase.
So, before we kick things off for the 2025 Canyon Star, allow me to point out that the images in the gallery are from 2024. Newmar Corp has announced that fresh images will be available later this summer, but I just couldn't resist bringing to light all the tricks up this unit's sleeve.

For starters, the Canyon Star is the least expensive Class A diesel motorhome this manufacturer offers, selling for as little as $363K. But to jump right into the thick of things, my favorite feature of this RV is its rear garage. And when I say garage, I'm talking about an actual garage, one fit for vehicles, not just kayaks and e-bikes. If you haven't checked out the image gallery, now's the time to do so.

Starting with this space, Newmar reveals that a motorcycle can fit inside and still have room for yet another. This means that some subcompact cars should have no issues hitching a ride. With the power of a 340 hp engine and a peak of 700 lb-ft of torque, you can even hitch a trailer to this RV and still get to wherever you're headed.

Canyon Star
Photo: Newmar Corp
While we would normally move onto another subject at this point, we can't; this space also doubles as a living space, fitted with two benches and a table in the middle. More tricks are revealed once nighttime falls; that same dinette transforms into a massive beam-to-bema bedroom. If you have a large and adventurous family, this is the sort of feature you want in your RV.

Now, as we step into the rest of the Canyon Star, we find ourselves in the middle of the master bedroom. Yet, don't worry; that garage has its own side entrance for access, aside from the ramp door, so you'll never disturb whoever is taking an afternoon nap on the queen bed. To help maximize space, this area is also supported by two slide-outs. The first has the bedding on it, and the second, viz-a-viz, houses a wardrobe, dresser, and storage space with a TV.

Moving toward the front of the unit, we'll need to pass yet another set of doors to the bedroom. As we do, we'll be in the middle of a galley with a bathroom across from it. Since this unit can accommodate large families, you can be sure that Newmar adds residential-sized features inside. The bathroom is no wet bath either; separate features all around.

These spaces are also brought to life using materials like maple, solid-surface countertops, molded composites, vinyl, and carpeting, and once we start exploring the options list, you're bound to go well beyond that starting price. Even a suede finish can be opted for, so take the time to explore all that's in store for the new year.

Canyon Star
Photo: Newmar Corp
As we move forward, allow me to point out that the Canyon Star has a side entry to the interior located along the right side of the unit, and the neat thing about it is that it splits the unit in two distinct zones. To the left, we have all that we talked about, and to the right, the living room, dinette, and access to the cab.

Since the dinette and lounge sofa are both modular, four more adults are sure to have a place to rest their heads at night. Don't worry about where you'll be storing all their clothing either; the interior of this puppy is lined with overhead cabinets to match that of airplanes, not to mention all the storage bays found lining the exterior of the Canyon Star.

While I would normally go through a few more features to give you an idea of what else this RV hides, since it's Saturday (at the time of writing), I've decided to invite you to take all that you've read about and seen in the gallery and video below and place yourself in the center of the action.

Canyon Star
Photo: Newmar Corp
See yourself and your loved ones hanging out near a trailer park treeline or California's vineyards, with awnings and slide-outs extended, some electric dirt bikes being unloaded, kayaks too, and the kids running 'round and gathering firewood for tonight's event: stargazing and guitars.

Oh, and best of all, once you're done consuming all the activities one area has to offer, pack everything up and hit the road again. This time around, let's hit up the East Coast and enjoy a bit of that famous Maine lobster and some New England Clam Chowder. Trust me; I'm speaking from experience, and if you want real "chowda," the East Coast is where it's at. If there's one machine to help you trudge across the US in search of adventure, it's the 2025 Canyon Star.

Sure, over $300K isn't the sort of cash that everyone has sitting around, but with the right family members in on the action, maybe some of your closest friends, you'd be looking at around $45K for your share of the Canyon Star magic. With a bit of planning and organizational skills, you can all treat it like a timeshare project. After all, the average amount of time Americans spend on vacation is around 21 days a year. Simple math, if you ask me.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery are of the 2024 model year as Newmar is yet to release images of the 2025 unit.

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