Newcastle Striker Papiss Cisse Walks Home after Police Seize His Bentley Continental

Papiss Cisse 1 photo
There’s one thing that puts sportsmen, actors and singers in the same club - their urge to drive the most luxurious cars in the business. Some like them sporty and fast, others prefer them big and boxy. Soccer players usually prefer their rides to outshine other fellow motorists with both opulence and speed. But what happens when that performance gets them in trouble? They walk home.
Think of sportsmen in Europe as Hollywood celebrities in the US. They all are rich, some act like eco-conscious people while they have at least one petrol-muncher parked in the garage, and all love to push the pedal to the metal. Sure, soccer players are not that favored in America as they are on the Old Continent, but the media follows their every step like tabloids do here with actors.

Why are we telling you this? Because that’s the precise path we took, as in method we found out, about Papiss Cisse and his little driving adventure the other week. The Senegalese footballer currently playing for Newcastle United was driving his £160,000 ($250,705 at current exchange rates) Bentley Continental Thursday night when police pulled him over and eventually seized his car.

In a way, you can say the 29-year-old striker received that one penalty nobody wants, and there was no football field involved. “At 1:30 p.m. on Thursday a vehicle was uplifted for road traffic offenses in Edge Hill Road, Darras Hall,” a spokeswoman for Northumbria Police said, according to Chronicle Live. However, they didn’t specify why they seized the sportsman’s vehicle.

Since we’re so curious, we checked out the traffic laws in UK. It turns out there are a lot of reasons police can take your car away. Both driving without insurance or driver’s license are serious offenses. The police also have the power to seize vehicles if they have grounds to believe it is being driven without due care and attention.

Whatever the case was with Papiss, one thing is sure, he walked home.
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