New Zealander Transports Swing Set With MPV, Some Park Wants It Back

Full sized swing set transported on car in New Zealand 5 photos
Photo: KiwiAzBroNz on Facebook
Full sized swing set transported on car in New ZealandFull sized swing set transported on car in New ZealandFull sized swing set transported on car in New ZealandFull sized swing set transported on car in New Zealand
What is the limit between ingenuity and a dangerous improvisation? We would say that it is something that has the potential of harming others, and that can easily slip out of control.
Just like any other improvisation, transporting things that are larger than the vehicle they are carrying can be extremely dangerous. The oversized item must be securely fastened to the transporting vehicle, and it must not impede visibility, safety devices, the built-in lights of the automobile, or endanger others.

A driver in New Zealand was spotted this Sunday while driving with a full sized swing set on top of their vehicle. Those that have been in the park once or twice in their lives know that a setup like this is welded.
A welded swing set means it cannot be dismantled easily, but that does not excuse the reckless actions of the person that decided it will be all right to place it on their MPV, and the drive off on public roads.

Any improvisation like the one in the photo is a danger to everyone else on the road, because of the width of that set, but also because it appears it was not tethered properly to the vehicle.

Oversized transports are made each day around the world, but they are done by notifying police beforehand, obtaining an authorization, and fitting the item with reflective elements.

Even with all of the above conditions met, the transport is done with a police escort in the most severe of cases, and the driver is a skilled professional that does that kind of thing for a living. As you can observe, this is not the case for this driver from New Zealand.

Whatever you need to carry, do your best to dismantle it into smaller bits, and then take as many trips as necessary to ensure it reaches your destination safely.

Saving a few bucks on gas to carry something like this in one go could land you a massive ticket from the police, and some countries might even impound your vehicle for the audacity to drive a contraption like that on public roads.

This news is funny because nobody got injured or killed because of the negligent driver, but there was no guarantee that it was not an accident waiting to happen. Don’t be this guy, drive safe.

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